Friday Review Mash Up #41

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #41


Happy Friday, friends!  Boy, did I slack off this week on posting.  I’d like to tell you I’m ashamed, but I just can’t do it.  I did get a bunch of reviews done, though.  So, enjoy my favorites.


DEGITEL Tactical Gadget Bag

This fabulous DEGITEL Tactical Gadget Bag can be worn on your belt (vertically or horizontally), snapped onto a handle, or carried. It fits my cell phone, a flashlight, writing implements, money, and more. I did have an issue with one of the two snaps that secure the bag to a belt – I had a difficult time snapping it. It finally snapped after a lot of maneuvering. It comes in black, khaki, and orange and is gender-neutral. The zipper pulls are sturdy as easy to grip and pull. My Galaxy S7 fits in the front pocket. This looks like it will hold up to a lot of use.

8mm 18k Gold-Plated Wedding Band

This is an 8mm 18k Gold-Plated Wedding Band – perfect for a man or woman, depending on personal preference. It would be a great ring for a wedding band or a fashion statement. The ring has a comfort-fit feel and has a solid feel. The color is a tad bit more yellow than real gold, but it could easily pass as being solid gold. Be sure to measure for the correct size, as tungsten can’t be resized. The seller also sells this ring in other widths if you’re not happy with the size of this particular ring. Comes boxed and ready to give as a gift.

Herbal Healing Arnica Pain Relief Cream

My husband is recovering from a broken leg and has had a lot of muscle and bone pain in the last 8 weeks. When he put the Herbal Healing Arnica Pain Relief Cream on his leg, the pain went away very quickly. I think that even he was surprised as how quickly it worked. He’s been using it pretty regularly since it came in the mail. It comes in a large 3 oz jar that is very light, but filled up, and smells of the main ingredient, menthol. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave an overwhelming scent of of menthol. It definitely has helped to relieve the pain of tendonitis in my hands. A great purchase.

Formeu Women’s Socks 4-Pack

This is a package of Formeu Women’s Socks 4-Pack that fit my feet comfortably. They would be great for wearing with shoes or boots, as they come halfway up the calf. They are mostly cotton socks with some polyester and spandex so that they keep their shape. The socks don’t bind my feet at all, but nor are they too loose. They are appropriate for most outfits, including work clothes. They come in 5 different color combinations to appease practically everyone. A great purchase!

Acheers Heavy Duty Rugged Stand Case with Belt Clip

This Acheers Heavy Duty Rugged Stand Case with Belt Clip that allows you to wear it on your belt or clip it to your pocket. Not only does the clip have the ability to prop your phone up for convenient video watching, the phone case itself can be propped up too. The cases that have colored inserts are subtle and don’t make the phone look childish. Great for men, women, or children. The inside case is snug to your Galaxy S7 and appears to keep your phone protected.

Monkeybrother Bling Diamond License Plate Covers

These super cute Monkeybrother Bling Diamond License Plate Covers show the world that you’re the queen of the road. These blinged out license plate covers will fancy up any car. They even come with bling-covered screw covers so that you’re shining to the max. I’m looking forward to putting these covers on my new car to make it stand out even more. Just a word of caution…the edges of the license plate covers in the back are very sharp.



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  


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