Friday Review Mash Up #40

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #40


Welcome to this week’s Friday Review Mash Up.  It’s been 40 weeks since we began this Friday meet-up.  Here are some of my favorite reviews from the last week.  I’m really pleased to share with you a local Florida company dedicated to healthy living and eating.  Have a great week and I’ll see you next week.


Fresh Jax Spices

Friday Review Mash Up


I’d like to introduce you to Fresh Jax Spices.  They come in three different sets on Amazon:  Grilling Spices (shown), Family Favorite Spices, and Herb Blend Spices.  Founded in 2010 by Jason and Hillary McDonald, Fresh Jax is a Jacksonville, Florida store dedicated to healthy living with yoga, spices, sauces, mustards, and cookbook.

I used the Fresh Bay seasoning to flavor my husband’s steelhead trout.  While he was a little hesitant to try it, he was very happy that he did when I served him up a delicious filet that I cooked sous-vide (in a sealed cooking bag) with a couple of lemon wedges.  

Their spices use pure organic ingredients, are MSG-free, made in a dedicated gluten-free facility, sugar and sweetener free, non-GMO, nothing artificial, no fillers, no flavorings added, no pesticides, non-irradiated, dairy-free, low sodium, low salt, paleo, vegan, no anti-caking agents, and are 100% pure and clean.  Fresh Jax makes their own products from scratch and by hand working with local farmers to source ingredients.  They never use any artificial ingredients or flavors.  I’m looking forward to flavoring my meats with Fresh Jax seasonings.  


Friday Review Mash Up


Cove Castile Soap

With Cove Castile Soap you can make your own shower and hand soap, facial soap, laundry soap, and shampoo. There’s not much you can’t do! My recipe? Equal parts Castile soap and water plus a good Essential Oil like Young Living frankincense for scent. I get great suds and shaving my legs has never been easier. I love the other recipes on the back of the bottle that helps you to make your own homemaking cleaners and bath stuffs. Highly concentrated and made with argan, jojoba, and hemp oils. No dry skin problems anymore.  Comes in lavender and unscented.  

Cake Layer Slicer

The Cake Layer Slicer is a neat contraption that allows you to slice cake layers in half. Use it to make small diameter cakes as well as larger diameter ones. No more do you have to put frosting on all the layers, use this device to split your layer in half and add fruit, compote, pudding, or whipped cream to make a homemade cake instead of purchasing a store make one. Clever and easy to use, however, it did include instructions to get you started. I can’t wait to use mine.

Always Radiant Infinity Regular With Wings

Keep your clothes protected with Tampax Always Radiant Infinity Regular With Wings. With the power of FlexFoam, it absorbs 10X its weight keeping your clothes clean and dry. It stays firmly attached thanks to the added wings. The super-thin protection is comfortable as well as functional.

Leather Wrap Around Bracelet Watch

I’m not much of a watch wearer, but this Leather Wrap Around Bracelet Watch may change my mind. It has a real leather band with an attractive analog watch. It even came with an extra watch battery. It’s extremely easy to change the time and it keeps good time.  It’s not made for those with large wrists as it’s a little snug.  It would be a great gift for the lady who likes her watch to match her outfit.

Friday Review Mash Up


Tsoomi Inspirational Refrigerator Magnets

What could be more ‪inspirational‬ than seeing these fabulous Tsoomi Inspirational Refrigerator Magnets greeting you with encouragement for the day, while they’re working hard to hold up important notes? Knowing that they are packed by people with special needs – giving them a job and a purpose.  Use any one of the dozen magnets to hold up your important paperwork and your kids’ artwork. They hold up at least 2 pieces of copier paper with one magnet.  A great gift for your student or your home to encourage and inspire.  

Friday Review Mash Up



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  

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  1. The spices sound wonderful (and I love Steelhead Trout). I think I need that Castille soap. All the products I am using seem to be really drying.

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