Friday Review Mash Up #39

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash UpFriday Review Mash Up #39


It’s a short Friday Review Mash Up this week.  I’ve been working on some other things, like this post for Poise and these really cool light up shoes for adults, so please go on over and check it out.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of the other reviews that I have coming up.  Have a great weekend!


KingFu Manufacturing Gaming Mouse

I’m a sucker for a good light-up mouse. I think I just like the esthetics of it. The Kung Fu Manufacturing Gaming Mouse is really lit up. With lights that run around the bottom of the mouse, the wheel, and on the top of the mouse, it’s fun and easy to find in low light. With the click of a button, not only does the speed of your mouse change, but so does the color. There are 6 colors and speeds. The mouse gently pulses as it sits on your desk. The long cords assures you that it will be right at hand when you’re ready to use it. I’m very happy with this mouse.


Buffway® Dual Layer Galaxy S7 Case

The Buffway® Dual Layer Galaxy S7 Case is a plain and attractive phone case for your Galaxy S7, the Buffway Dual Layer and Textured phone case comes in black and pink. The buttons look like they are shiny metal making them easy to see in lower light and it gives it a classy look. The inner slightly flexible inside protects your phone from shock while the outside firmer cover keeps everything in one place. Affordable enough that you can purchase both of the covers to suit your mood or your outfit.


Yookat Pad Dash Mat

Are you tired of broken A/C vents or suction cup circles on your windows because of your cell phone mount? With the Yookat Dash Mat, your phone can be vertical or horizontal right on your dash. The mat stays securely on your dash without sliding all over the place. Simply place your dash mat on a clean dash and it’s ready to go. It keeps your phone at the perfect angle for you to see the GPS or to talk to someone without losing your phone or damaging your car. Easy to take on the road, pack in your suitcase for vacation, or to store in your glove box until you need it.


Too much time on the computer? Too much on your mind? Can’t wind down and fall asleep? Suffering from insomnia?  How about non-habit forming ZzzQuil? Be one of the Sleep Lovers.





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  1. These sound like some interesting products I especially like the KingFu Mouse my mouse has been driving my crazy and burns through batteries. Thanks for the reviews!

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