Friday Review Mash Up #35

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #35


Welcome back to another a week of Friday Review Mash Up.  These are some of the reviews that I’ve been working on and think you might be interested in knowing about.  Have a great week!


Pardao Aerify Mesh Swimming & Gym Bag

The Pardao Aerify Mesh Swimming & Gym Bag is a super little sling-type backpack that’s great for swim gear and workout items that get damp. Made with mesh at the top of 2 of the 3 front pockets, this will allow you clothes to breathe and not get all mildewy before you can get home and wash them. There are plenty of pockets on both the outside and inside to keep your money, ID cards, and mp3 player separate from your wet stuff. This isn’t a huge bag, but it’s big enough for swimsuits and/or towels for one person. It has a waterproof bottom so that your stuff doesn’t get wet from the floor and has drainage holes for any pooling water inside the bag. Perfect for swim meets or summer swimming.


Codream Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

I’ve had the same set of cheap metal measuring spoons since I got married. These Codream Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons aren’t in any way cheap. They are substantial and will last for a lifetime. The set of 6 measuring spoons are made of sturdy stainless steel. Each measurement is nicely engraved into the handle of the individual stainless steel measuring spoons. They are marked with both US measures.

They are easy to hold, without fear of the spoon slipping. The stainless steel measuring spoons come on a large metal ring that they can be kept together or separated as necessary. These measuring spoons are made of the finest quality stainless steel so they won’t rust or discolor as the years go by. They are dishwasher safe. The measure spoons are rounded, which allows the contents to come out easier and it’s easier to scoop out sticky ingredients. It’s easy to level off the top of the spoon when you need exact measures and it holds a nice heaping spoon as well.


Stay Dry Wide Flip Stretch Yoga Leggings

The Stay Dry Wide Flip Stretch Yoga Leggings that appear to fit as sized. The legs go down to the ankles so that they don’t get caught up in your shoes. Probably a bit to thin to wear as general leggings, they will look good worn with a shirt covering your hips and backside so that you’re not showing the world your stuff. They’re made of spandex and polyester and look to be quality made. I could swear I ordered a larger size, but my order says and I received a small pair, so I wasn’t able to actually try them on.


MIVINE 3 Pack USB 1.5AMP Wall Charger Power Adapter & Universal Micro USB Braided Cable

The MIVINE 3 Pack USB 1.5AMP Wall Charger Power Adapter is a 3 pack of wall charger plugs that you can use with the charging cord of your choice. There are 5 colors that you can purchase as singles, doubles, triples, or in packs of 5. They are excellent accessories for all of your mobile devices and they come in cool colors.  It works really well with the MIVINE 10 foot long Universal Micro USB Braided Charging/Sync/Data Cable a 10 foot nylon charging cable that works with your mobile device. The charging cord rapidly charges whatever Android device you need to charge. The black cord is attractive and the ends that hold the connectors just add to the quality-look of this cord. It’s not going to be easily twisted or tangled. Not only that, it’s 10 feet long so it will stretch across a room for convenient use.


Jaweke Heavy Duty Shock-Proof Crystal Bling Dual-Layer Phone Case

The Jaweke Heavy Duty Shock-Proof Crystal Bling Dual-Layer Phone Case for the Galaxy S7 comes in 7 different colors. It has recessed gems that won’t be easily knocked off, so it will stay looking nice for some time. It fit my phone perfectly. It has a rubber inner protective case that doesn’t sit on the outside phone case giving your phone more protection should it fall. The phone is easily placed in the case and easily removed without breaking the outside cover. It’s a pretty case that’s not overly gaudy and will drawn attention, not from the bling, but for the attractiveness of the case.






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  1. Here’s to the measuring spoons you received when you got married! LOL! I think at 30+ years, I need someone to give me a shower to get some new stuff! Those measuring spoons look really nice!

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