Friday Review Mash Up #18

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #18


Happy Friday, everyone!  This was kind of a short week for me, as President’s Day was an inservice day, but I’m ready to have a little down time this weekend.  I hope your week went well and I hope that you enjoy some of the products that I reviewed.


GearBest CHAOTA Traveling Wash Bag

The CHAOTA Traveling Wash Bag is great for traveling, camping, the gym, or keeping in your locker at work. Made to resist water, it’s large enough to hold all the toiletries you need when you’re on the road. It comes in orange, purple, red, blue, and green to match luggage, your duffel bag, or get one in your favorite color.

The CHAOTA Traveling Wash Bag makes a great carry-all for your makeup. With plenty of pockets, mesh dividers, and separated areas, you’ll have plenty of room for all of your cosmetics, brushes, compacts, and more. It’s easily hung from a door knob, dresser drawer pull, or cabinet for ease of use and so that it doesn’t take up precious counter space.  know that you’ll love having this cool travel bag, because I love mine!


Keith 3 in 1 Titanium ​Tableware Set

Camping utensils sure have changed since I was a Girl Scout back in the 70s. Gone are the cheap aluminum ones. Today, utensils are made to last forever, just like this Keith 3 in 1 Titanium Tableware Set. They are made to fit on a ring together tightly so that they don’t make noise when you are trying to be super quiet in the woods. That neat little package fits nicely in it’s own pouch with a drawstring to keep them clean and ready to use. The utensils are lightweight, with no useless decoration. They are incredibly serviceable and the perfect addition to your camping, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or picnic gear. You might take these utensils roughing it, but you look like you’re roughing it with these high quality items. 


Brilliant Chef Silicone Muffin Pan 

Flowers die, but this Brilliant Chef Muffin Pan made from food grade silicone will last forever. Plus, get muffin papers, a spatula, and basting brush as well. Make your favorite muffins or cupcakes and then wash your muffin pan by hand or in the dishwasher. It’s also safe to use in the microwave and freezer. You’ll never have a problem finding the muffin pan due to it’s lovely bright pink color. Makes a great housewarming or shower gift as well.


Spicy World Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Paste

Improve the taste of your baking and cooking with high quality Spicy World Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Paste. It’s the vanilla paste that pours. This is pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla paste that is cold extracted. It’s never heated or put under pressure, which would decrease the taste. You’ll be happy to have this in your pantry.


PROLOSO Manual Can Opener

The PROLOSO Manual Can Opener is a pretty basic manual can opener that is much lighter than traditional ones. It comes in three colors, although I got the silver one. It opened cans easily and without any issues. I’ve only owned 2 other can openers in my 26+ years of marriage and, hopefully, this one will last for many years to come.


MERU Rope Bag

I have the taupe MERU Rope Bag with orange highlights. This is a great bag that holds a lot and has lots of pockets inside and outside of the bag to hide away my stuff. The bag is lined inside to give it added quality. Because this is a cross-body bag, it doesn’t place pressure on your shoulder like other bags do. The strap is adjustable and is made from multiple ropes, which gives it some added flair. It comes in 7 colors that appeal to anyone. Use this sling bag for the gym, school, or as a purse.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Heart Necklace 

Because I am regularly use essential oils, I like having the opportunity to “take them with me”. The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Heart Necklace is a beautiful way to have them with me all day. The locket, which securely closes with a magnet, opens less than halfway to allow you to add one of the 8 felt heart inserts and to drop essential oils on those pieces of felt. The felt hearts fit snuggly inside without an issue. The pendant can be worn with the solid side up or the filigree side up. When worn directly on the skin, your body head acts as a warmer and the scent is lightly diffused all day long. The necklace has a secure lobster claw, but doesn’t actually have a dedicated ring to clasp onto. It clasps on any one of the links in the necklace. If I actually had a silver chain of my own, I would take this pendant off of the chain that it comes on as I’m not a fan of it. I do, however, love the actual diffuser pendant and recommend it.





I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Hi Sandy, I just started receiving offers for Amazon reviews from companies. Is that what you’re doing? I think it’s fun, because not only do I get free product, I can do the reviews without cluttering up my blog. Win win!

    Thanks for the encouragement that you gave me about my thrifty wee post over at Harvest Lane Cottage, Sandy.

    Laura Lane

    1. Laura, yes, that’s exactly how I get some of my reviews. It’s a great way to pick and choose. Make sure they’re clear about cost. A lot of them try to charge even a small percentage of the price. I don’t pay for much and turn down a lot of those. You might not clutter your blog, but you might clutter the house with all the new stuff! Thanks for visiting Sandy’s P.O.V.

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