Friday Review Mash Up #11

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

 Friday Review Mash Up #11


Happy New Year, friend!  Thank you so much for starting your new year reading this week’s Mash Up post.  Here are some of my favorite items that I reviewed this week.  You can see all of my Amazon reviews HERE.  


Honey Bee Smooth Honey Bath & Body Scrub + Moisturizer 

Honey Bee Smooth Exfoliating Honey Bath & Body Scrub + Moisturizer is the skin exfoliator and moisturizer that you can actually eat!  It doesn’t contain any chemicals; only honey, brown sugar, and vitamins.  Not only will you get a great exfoliation when you use this scrub, but your skin will be moisturized.  Honey is a known healer and it works to heal acne with its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  
I suggest you use it in a warm, steamy bathroom.  Take a shower or draw a bath so that your skin gets warm before you use this.  Once you scoop some out, it will be very sticky.  Let it warm in your hand before rubbing it into your legs and arms.  Enjoy the scent of honey as your skin starts to feel smoother.  This honey and brown sugar scrub is pure luxury.

YOSH Universal Ring Grip/Holder/Stand

This Universal Ring Grip/Holder/Stand with 360 Rotation Ring Hook is probably one of the most unique things that I’ve reviewed in quite some time. The ring sticks to the back of your cell phone – finally a phone accessory that doesn’t care what phone you have. You can remove the sticky from your phone and reuse it many times. If it loses its stickiness, just refresh it under some water. I put mine on the back of my phone. I can use it to hold my phone or to prop my phone up so that I can talk, play games, read, watch a movie, or surf the web. The ring rotates 360 degrees to fit whatever situation you’re using it for. It comes with a hook mount that allows you to stick the mount (again, reuseable) to your dashboard, window, wall, or wherever you want to hook your phone. This is a very clever idea that I hope gets more press and use. Highly recommended!


The Essentials Co. Premium Peppermint Essential Oil 

The Essentials Co. Premium Peppermint Essential Oil has the peppermint essential oil for your every need; whether for cooking, diffusing, or for a refreshing foot soak.  The large 4 oz bottle with a glass dropper makes placing it where you want it super easy without having to count drops.  It’s 100% pure therapeutic-grade peppermint oil with no additives or fillers.  It’s great to sniff right in the bottle or to diffuse to help clear up a stuffy nose or to help relieve breathing issues.  Add a few drops to your lotion to give your skin a cool, tingly pick-me-up. This peppermint essential oil improves my state of mind while improving the scent of my office.


Cor Surf Handcrafted Genuine Bamboo Sunglasses

Cor Surf Handcrafted Genuine Bamboo Sunglasses are pretty amazing.  First, they come in a hollowed out piece of bamboo.  Your bamboo sunglasses are protected by a piece of bamboo.  How cool is that?!  They also come with a soft pouch.  I really appreciate the flex-hinges that allow you to open the hinges further than expected.  This is nice if you have a larger head.  The best part about these bamboo sunglasses is that they float, which is great should you be wearing them when surfing, fishing, boating, or at the beach or pool.  These sunglasses are handcrafted and could easily garner over $100 a pair, but they don’t.  These are extremely affordable and worth the cost.  These are my new favorite sunglasses.


Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale

The Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale has the latest technology all wrapped up in one bathroom scale.  The scale is extremely easy to set up straight out of the box.  I was able to program my profile in just a couple of minutes while reading the instructions.  There’s no tapping with your foot before stepping on the scale.  You simply step on the scale and it goes to work.  After less than 5 seconds, your weight is recorded.  Not only does it calculate your weight, but it can calculate your body fat, hydration, muscle, and bone mass as well.  

The attractive shiny impact-resistant tempered black glass scale is able to weigh up to 440 pounds (200 kg) in 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg) increments, so you’re assured of getting the most accurate weight.  It allows you to weigh yourself holding a child or pet and it subtracts your weight (tare) from the equation.  Take your time and read the manual.  I’m still learning about this scale and I’m grateful to get rid of my old-fashioned scale forever.   


Amazing Nature Adult Coloring Book

The Amazing Nature Adult Coloring Book is another hit for coloring.  It’s a little smaller than 8.5 X 11, so it’s easier to carry around and to use on a smaller surface, such as a plane tray.  It contains 33 pictures of various animals with cool designs in the background such as mandalas.  The book works great with colored pencils or gel pens.  The pages are only single-sided, so you don’t have to worry about the color bleeding through the other side of the page and affecting another picture.  It won’t happen.  Not only is this a great book for adults, it’s a great book for older kids, who really enjoy coloring and enjoy the patterns.  I’ve reviewed a number of this author’s coloring books and have enjoyed all of them.  



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  

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  1. Very cool round up, Sandy! I love the coloring book. That is the first one that I’ve seen with single-sided pages. It would be nice to color with pen so that you’re not sharpening the pencil every few minutes or digging a rut into the paper (or, am I the only heavy-handed one?) Happy New Year!

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