Friday Review Mash Up #10

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #10


Merry Christmas!  Here is my Christmas Friday Review Mash Up post containing some of my cool finds this past week.  This week’s items will save your sanity and make you look and smell gorgeous.  Have a lovely week!


Ace Car Sun Shades

Your receive two Ace Car Sun Shades in the packet and they fold back nicely to fit into the bag that they came in. Basically, this is a piece of plastic that sticks to your window, but it comes with a edge around it that gives it some shape. My windows in the back seat are rather small and the window shade was just a tad bit bigger. The shade, when applied in direct sun, starts to unstick from the window. However, when applied in the shade first, the shade adheres nicely and does the job of blocking the bright sun from the backseat passengers. It does make seeing out of the shade a bit difficult because of the darkness, but it will keep the sun out of your kids’ eyes until it can be taken down. Add a backseat organizer like Backseat Car Organizer and you’ve got a thoughtful gift for new parents.


Backseat Car Organizer

This backseat car organizer comes with a organizer for your visor as well. It will hold whatever necessities you need to keep in your car. There are side pockets for bottles of water or travel coffee cups. You can put snacks, sippy cups, tissue packs, bandages, napkins, wipes, or anything else you need in either the open pockets or the velcro-secured pocket. It hangs from the head rest of the front seat so that your kids have access to their stuff right in front of them. You should definitely purchase two if you have more than one child so that each child can have their own in the car, SUV, or minivan. I love that I can now have a pen at the ready when I need one when I place it in the visor organizer.


Somaluxe Lip Rescue

Somaluxe Lip Rescue smells like honey, moisturizes with intensive hydration & leaves my lips with a colorless shiny gloss. Because it’s colorless, it’s great for use over color. The 1 oz jar will last for months. The tight top ensures that it won’t get all over your purse. When I put the Somaluxe on my finger I can feel it gently melt so that it goes on my lips without clumps and it instantly makes them feel more moisturized and smooth without feeling sticky. Love this and recommend it.


Nami Naturals Emu Oil

I’m already a big fan of emu oil in that it’s great for muscle aches. I love to use it as a carrier oil for my essential oils. Nami Naturals emu oil is a thick opaque oil in a 2 oz amber bottle with an eye dropper for ease of use. Not only does this oil moisturize my skin without leaving it greasy, but it helps to improve the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. It can even be used for minor burns and cuts and moisturize the scalp and hair. Highly recommended!


Simply Earth Frankincense Essential Oil

To enhance your relaxation or mediation, you should consider diffusing some Simply Earth Frankincense, which has been found to help reduce heart rate and anxiety. It’s long been used by people to enhance their meditation and relaxation. It has a woody scent that is fragrant without being sweet or overpowering.

Why do I recommend Simply Earth? It’s easy. They donate 13% of the profit from your purchase to help end human trafficking. That’s a good thing! All of their oils are 100% pure, without additives and undiluted.


Gotofine Double-Sided Magnification Mirror with Stand

Not only is this double-sided mirror better than my expensive lighted makeup mirror, but I can take it with me when I travel as well. The 7X magnification makes it easier to see those tiny stray hairs that I tend to miss, but someone else ends up seeing. The mirror base is removable. By simply moving the base up and down the mirror, you’re able to change the angle of the mirror. You can have it standing nearly straight up or you can have it deeply angled. Any way you do it, it’s perfect for what you need. The mirror has a large face that makes it easy to see. It has a long handle so that you can hold it if you want to do that. The plastic handle is clear, so you don’t have to worry about it standing out unnecessarily. I highly recommend this mirror.




I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  

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