Friday Review Mash Up #7

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #7


Today our lovely vacation ends and we’ll be traveling back home.  While I love being back in my hometown, I could never live there again.  When they said “you can never go back”, they weren’t far from the truth.  I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy my Mash Up entries for this week.


Premium Eye Cream with Epidermal Growth Factor

Acetyl Organics eye cream is one of the best eye creams that I’ve use. It’s not oily or greasy, but rubs nicely into the skin underneath my eye and is completely absorbed. I’ve been using it daily for 10 days now and I’m really pleased with it. It comes in a very small container, but you only need to use a tiny bit under each eye, so I anticipate that I’ll be using this for more than 6 months. I’m still using the excess on the top of the jar and haven’t even gotten into the container yet. I highly recommend this eye cream.


Aprince Slim Genuine Leather Wallet

If you’re looking for a larger wallet with a slim profile then the Aprince Slim Genuine Leather Wallet is for you. Probably more comfortable kept in your front pocket, but still fits in the back pocket, this wallet has plastic card sleeves to keep your cards in for easy viewing. There are 12 slots with the possibility of holding two cards per slot. Your ID/driver’s license can be kept securely in the front inside cover of the wallet. It has a window for easy viewing without having to remove the card. Money can be kept in the in the traditional pocket and there’s an additional smaller pocket on the inside of the wallet for squirreling away an extra dollar or two. It has a mild leather smell and looks like it’s very well made. Could be used by men or women.


TaZa Unbreakable Wine Glasses

The thing I really like about TaZa! Unbreakable Wine Glasses is that I don’t have to worry about breaking them. My husband and I have had the same crystal wine glasses since we were married. They were a gift from my employer. I quit working for that employer a few days before getting married, so that when I returned from our honeymoon, I could start my job with my present employer. I thought that those wine glasses were such a generous gift. They are beautiful, but I fear damaging them, so I don’t use them unless I have guests.

Drama free! That’s what these unbreakable, shatterproof, BPA-free, EA-free, and dishwasher safe glasses are. Inside or outside. At the pool, beach, patio, boat, or camping. Never fear another broken glass at a gathering again. And no ugly red plastic cups. They are lightweight, have an ultra-thin rim, and are durable enough to be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher on a non-heated setting. The 16 oz. glasses are versatile enough for wine, cocktails, lemonade, juice, or even desserts.

These drama free glasses are great gifts for a housewarming gift, Christmas gift, or for a gift exchange gift. Even non-drinkers can appreciate these beautiful glasses.


FamFave Digital Thermometer

One of the biggest issues with digital thermometers is that they have small digital numbers, but not the FamFave Digital Thermometer. Not only are there large numbers that I can read without my glasses, but the screen is lite as well. The quick-read thermometer has your temperatures in less than 30 seconds and the flexible tip makes taking your little one’s temperature much easier. It comes with a money back guarantee and the company is in the USA. You can trust this thermometer and you’ll be as happy with yours as I am with mine.


Amovo iPhone 6s/6 Plus Case

The Amovo iPhone 6s/6 Plus Case is an attractive case. You won’t need to carry an actual wallet with this case. It has 3 pockets, one with a window, to allow you to keep your license or id as well as your bank card right up front for easy access. There’s also a pocket that you can hold more cards or money in. The case grips your phone, but allows you to easily remove it should you need to. You can use the phone’s camera without having to remove the phone from the case. The clasp closes securely with a magnet. You’ll get a lot of use out of this iPhone case.


HITO Silent Non-ticking Colorful Wall Clock

I got the HITO Silent Non-ticking Colorful Wall Clock in orange clock for my office. There’s always a lot of noise around so the absence of the ticking of the clock is a wonderful thing. The perpetual motion is smooth and the clock keeps time perfectly. The 1 AA battery is not included. The colors on the clock are crisp and it’s a pleasant burst of color on what would be an otherwise boring wall. Great for the home or office. It comes in 6 colors for every decor.


BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Makeup Brush Set

I bought BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Makeup Brush Set based on an article that talked about top rated products on Amazon. I love makeup and makeup gadgets, so having more brushes was a good thing. I love my pink and gold brushes. They are a little softer than some of my other brushes, but they get the job done. Each brush and its job is listed on the included card and it was helpful to have. I know that these are brushes that I’ll be using for years to come.




I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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