Friday Review Mash Up #6

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #6


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I absolutely love it.  Today, my husband and I are traveling to my class reunion.  I can’t wait to see my friends again.  Five years is way to long between visits.  Hope you find a review or two that you might like as a gift for friends and family this year.


Ocotillo Southwest Native Piñon Pine Candles

Handmade in American with natural soy wax, the Ocotillo Southwest candles are high quality candles with premium fragrance oils. Native to the Southwest, Piñon Pine is a combination of the pine that most people know along with a sweet scent. Each candle (2 to a pack) burn over 40 hours! The hand stamped copper charm that encircles each jar is the cherry on top and adds an extra special touch. These candles make great gifts and the receiver will be so pleased that you picked something this special.


Brieftons Mandoline Slicer

This Brieftons Mandolin Slicer is really awesome. All of the pieces are stored in the base, where the sliced veggies are also caught when you’re using the mandolin. There are 4 blades and 3 adjustable thicknesses. Your hands are protected from injury with the holder, which firmly holds what your slicing. You’ll be making healthier meals with this cool kitchen gadget. It comes with a bonus peeler. Get one for yourself and give one for a gift. You’re family and friends will thank you for a healthier lifestyle.


Collapsible Pet Bowl

These collapsible silicone pet bowls are great for both water and food. They are easily stored because they collapse flat and are easily cleaned. This is a must-have product for pet owners. The C-clip allows you to carry multiple bowls on your backpack, belt, or other bag so that you can quickly pour water for your pet. They won’t slip on the floor or a cage because of the silicone. Not only for dogs, these bowls can be used for your cats or other small animals (that won’t chew). Four to a pack. Love these!


Tahari Space Infinity Scarf

I’ve never had an infinity scarf before and I absolutely love this one. Not only does this scarf keep my neck toasty warm in the cold weather, it looks really pretty doing it as well. It’s really soft and the colors are really pretty. A beautiful addition to any outfit. I highly recommend it.


Barbecue Grill Light

Are you looking for something cool to get the one you love, perhaps you should consider this really awesome Barbecue Grill Light from Kuisiware. Rated #1 in area lighting and #2 in grill lighting, this is a really great light. Easily installed on your grill without any tools, this grill light has 10 super bright LED lights that turn on with a touch of the light itself thanks to its touch-sensitive on/off switch. The head of the light itself is on a 180° swivel so that you can direct it in vertically or horizontally.

Not only is this grill light great for barbecuing, but it’s an excellent choice for camping, bicycling, and even for when you have a black-out or loss of electricity. It runs on 3 AAA batteries, which are included (Thank you, Kuisiware!). They’ve even thought to include the mini-screwdriver to unscrew the battery cover.

Not only will you love this grill light, but you’ll love working with the people at Kuisiware as well. Get one for yourself and for each of your friends. I highly recommend it!


Adjustable Drawer Dividers

My sock drawer consisted of a bunch of socks thrown in, but not any more. I have an amazingly organized sock draw where I can find whichever pair of socks that I need. The larger drawer organizers (2 shallow & 1 deep) are going to organize my underwear drawer next. These organizers come with dividers to block off smaller partitions for whatever you’re organizing. Not only for your clothes, you could potentially organize anything – spices, office supplies, chargers & cords, pet toys – the uses are endless. I recommend these great adjustable drawer dividers for all of your organizational needs.



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