Friday Review Mash Up #5

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #5



Happy Friday before Thanksgiving!  I’m in school this week so this Friday Mash Up post is getting posted late.  I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m so thankful for you, my reader.


Lunore Rejuva Pro Eye Gel

Lunore Rejuva Pro Eye Gel helps to restore your youth with rejuvenated and vibrant skin, so your skin feels and looks amazing. This ultra youth eye gel is a thick, fragrance-free gel used to treat dark circles, puffiness, under-eye bags, wrinkles, crows feet, dry skin, and fine lines. This amazing eye gel moisturizes and hydrates skin to prevent sagging and helps keep your skin smooth and firm. Safe for all skin types, this eye gel rejuvenates and enriches the skin on your whole face with its special formula.


Estilo Meat Injector Kit

With this heavy duty meat injector kit from Estilo, you will be able to inject any meat you’ve got cooking with marinades, herbs, and sauces. One needle can be use with thinner liquids. It has multiple holes in the needle to get the maximum flavor into your meat. The second needle is wider to accommodate herbs, finely minced onions or garlic, and thick sauces deep into the meat. This stainless steel injector isn’t going to break or bend. This is going to last you a long time.


SKORCH Canvas Messenger Bag

My hubs is liking his new SKORCH Messenger Bag. It’s big enough to hold his laptop, but small enough to not lose items in the many pockets. He relays that he doesn’t have to dig for things anymore. It’s not nearly as heavy as his former bag, is utilitarian, looks good, and is easy to wipe down should you get a stain on it. The velcro closures stay closed, but are easy to open. Skip the backpack and get yourself a messenger bag.


Accuon Digital Wall Clock

We’ve had nothing but trouble with wall clocks at home, but with my new atomic clock I not only have an accurate accounting the the time, but I have the day, dates, and inside temperature too. The Accuon Digital Wall Clock comes with its own batteries, for which I was grateful. The instructions were easy to follow and I had the clock set in minutes. I have my clock hanging on the wall, but it sits on a flat surface as well. The clock’s digits are large enough to see from across the room. Perfect for folks with low vision. I love the set it and forget it feature, because, when the time changes, so will your clock. I love it!  UPDATE:  This clock keeps wanting to “fall back” now that we’re in Daylight Savings and won’t keep times.  I’ve re-set it 4 times and it’s reverted to the old time even though I have it set for Daylight Savings.  


Feelily FitBit Replacement Bands

You can dress up your FitBit band with these Feelily Replacement Bands. There are 15 different sets of bands with plenty of solid colors and designs that are great for men, women, and children. My 3 band set came with 12 silicone ring fasteners to keep it extra secure on your wrist. Each band has a double metal clasp as well. I found the bands to be comfortable around my larger wrist and I found them to fit well. These bands are an affordable way to replace your FitBit band. Shipping does take over a month from China.


I have two giveaways that I’d love to you to enter

Chris Tomlin Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship CD Giveaway – ends 12/6/15 at 6 PM ET.

ESV Men’s Devotional Bible Giveaway – ends 11/26/15 at 6 PM ET.



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