Friday Review Mash Up #46

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #46


Sorry for the late Friday Review Mash Up, but I was working in my municipality’s Emergency Operations because of a little hurricane called Hermine.  So, here’s this week’s reviews.  Enjoy.


Sela Beauty Silver & Gold Chrome Powders

Today I tried out Sela Beauty Silver and Gold Chrome Powders. I worked it into my gel polished nails, following their directions as well as other video directions, for a really long time and got some areas chromed well, but couldn’t get it consistently chromed and shiny on a whole nail. Not sure I’m a fan of the enclosed foam tipped applicator and I’m tempted to try my own spongy tipped applicators next time. The silver is on the left and the gold is on the right. While it’s not perfect, it still looks kind of cool and I’ll keep my nails as they are. MUST USE THIS WITH GEL NAIL POLISH ONLY! I used light-cured gel base coat, black gel polish, and a topcoat.

URPOWER Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer

This is a fabulous little URPOWER Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer for steaming wrinkles out of clothes, curtains, and other large objects that might be difficult to actually iron. It holds about 130 ml of water and heats it up to boiling in less than a minute. You can actually see the water boiling in the little side window. I used it on a 100% cotton shirt and the wrinkles fell right out with very little effort. It does spit a tiny bit of water, so just be sure that you don’t get it on you. You’ll never iron again with the URPOWER portable handheld garment steamer. I’m not sure why I waited so long to get one of my own because this is very reasonably priced and worth having in the house. Recommended.

15-in-One Multitool

This 15-in-One Multitool is wonderful in your tool box, in your camping and outdoor gear bag, in your glove box, in your desk, or simply in your drawer at home. Useful for a myriad of tasks from hunting, to fishing, to boating, you will never be without the right tool when you take along your multi-tool. While is is fairly lightweight, it feels good in your hand and you know that you’re holding on to it. The grip of the needle-nose pliers/wire cutter/wire stripper is solid and the springs help you get a good hold on whatever you’re working on, but not so tight that you fight to get it opened.

The other attached tools are found in the grip of the tool. You can unfold each tool as you need it and it snaps firmly into place, unlike some of those army-type knives or other multi-tools that you find in the big box stores. I highly recommend this multi tool. Get one for yourself and get one for a friend. They make great gifts for everyone in your life.


Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder

This Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder is perfect to hold his and hers or the kids’ documents when traveling. Not only does is hold at least 2 passports – one on each side – but it holds airline tickets, identification, and other important items safely in its RFID blocking, zippered case. It has a large slot to slide your cash into for easy access as well as a zippered access for more secure carrying. It even comes with a thin, black pen for signing documents while on the go. This is a highly recommended item for traveling.

Sterling Sliver “Hope” Ring

This beautifully delicate sterling silver ring with the word “Hope” on it is a great reminder to someone who needs reminding that there’s always hope or it’s great for a girl named Hope. 😉 This sturdy silver ring doesn’t stand out, but quietly sits on your finger for encouragement through the difficult times. Perfect for a gift for yourself or someone else. Highly recommended.

Distressed Apron

The Vantoo Distressed Apron with Pockets is a fabulously chic apron made from distressed denim. It has large pockets, i.e. back pockets from jeans, and it’s adjustable to your body frame. While I can’t speak for how it fits on a smaller framed/sized person, it fit well on my larger body type. You can adjust the neck tie to work for you. The apron even looks like it’s made from used jeans, because mine looks like it has some paint on it. Great for cooking in the kitchen or on the grill or even for use when crafting.


Island’s Ultra-50 Probiotics

Island’s Ultra-50 Probiotics contain 30 Billion CFU strains support digestive health, IBS, bloating relief, and aids in weight loss. Subscribe for monthly delivery & never run out again. Research shows that your health begins in the gut, so take care of your gut sooner rather than later.



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