Friday Review Mash Up #32

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #32


Welcome to the Friday Review Mash Up #32.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this feature for 32 weeks of Friday.  Here are just a few of the reviews I did this week.


ADSX Rubber Handle Watermelon Slicer

The ADSX Rubber Handle Watermelon Slicer is a clever tool that has become really popular lately, which is great because watermelon season is upon us and summer time is watermelon time. Using this watermelon slicer is effortless and makes quick work removing the watermelon from the rind. I really appreciate the rubber handle instead of bare metal when using this slicer. It really helps protect your hand from sliding. This is my new favorite kitchen gadget for summer time. Highly recommend it.


Makeup Brushes Set

This 10 piece Makeup Brushes Set comes with it’s very own traveling case. The case is perfect for everyday use as well as for safekeeping your brushes when you travel as well. The case snaps together so that it doesn’t come apart. The brushes a great quality and a great kit for all your makeup application needs. It also comes with a makeup mirror that you can toss in your purse for those quick makeup fixes on the fly. These brushes make a great gift for a makeup lover or are perfect for your own use.


Wood Pattern Triangular Folding Eyeglasses Case

This is a very roomy Wood Pattern Triangular Folding Eyeglasses Case that will work with your regular specs or with your sunglasses. It stays securely closed with a magnet. You’ll never lose your glasses when they’re in this case. Because this case is triangular, it doesn’t roll or easily fall off of surfaces. The wood-grain look makes it classier looking. This case is large enough so that it doesn’t get lost in your purse, backpack, or briefcase. I keep this case on my nightstand so that I can grab it to read when I’m in bed.  Comes in 5 different patterned cases.  


Flora Mcqueen 2-Pack Lunch Tote

Your Flora Mcqueen 2-Pack Lunch Tote order comes with 2 lunch totes; one red and one blue. It is a great lunch tote for your child’s lunch or for your lunch. Rather than a brown bag, which isn’t environmentally friendly, these totes are reuseable and keep my lunch cool. I use 2 small freezer packs to keep my lunch cool daily and I can do the same in these bags. There’s no leaking or sweating on my furniture. These totes would even make a great small purse, that’s just how attractive they are. You’ll never be embarrassed to carry this to work, school, or the beach.


Anjou Arabica Coffee Scrub

Most scrubs are fairly similar, but NOT this one. Anjou Arabica Coffee Scrub, with honey, sea salt, and Jojoba oil, smells amazing. It’s like getting my first cup of coffee in the shower. The scrub holds together really well and doesn’t melt immediately when introduced to water. I love to use it on my arms, hands, legs, and feet for a moisturizing, amazing feel when I rinse it and get out of the shower. The scrub is not so rough that you can’t use it daily, if you choose. I like using it to prepare my legs for shaving, too. Buy this to indulge yourself or a special friend.


Lather & Wood’s Face Scrub

Lather & Wood’s Face Scrub is a men’s facial scrub that’s not overly abrasive, but perfect to raise the hairs on my husband’s face for shaving. Gentle enough for daily use. Not only does it raise the hairs, but it moisturizes his face as well. While it does have a masculine scent, it’s not one that lingers unnecessarily nor does it clash with your aftershave or cologne. A great addition to your husband or boyfriend’s morning routine.



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I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  

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