Friday Review Mash Up #30

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #30

Happy Friday, friends!  Can you believe that kids are coming home from college already and school is nearly out for the summer?  Here are some of my favorite reviews from Amazon this week.


Office/Desk Organizer from TwentyFive

This is an extremely sturdy Office/Desk Organizer that is great for home or office use. It comes ready-to-use right out of the box. The black wire mesh fits with all office decor. There are no sharp wires or anything that will snag your skin or clothing. There are 6 standing file slots that can hold folders, files, and even books. There are 3 roomy horizontal slots for files or papers. The back of the horizontal slots have metal pieces that prevent files from falling through. This desk organizer is a must-have for office organization. This organizer is going to last you forever.



iKits External Battery Charger

The iKits External Battery Charger is a powerhouse charger. It’s the first charger that actually holds a charge without losing juice. It’s worth every penny of the purchase price.

The charger has 5 lights to let you know where it is in the charging process and how much juice you have left. I’ve used it multiple times to recharge my phone and it’s fast and I still haven’t recharged it and I’m at 50% of the charger battery. I carry my chargers daily and use it multiple times without a problem.

When you plug in your charging cord, the iKits External Battery Charger turns on without me having to touch the power button. This is my favorite charger and I highly recommend it.


RFID-blocking, Passport Wallet

This RFID-blocking, Passport Wallet looks more like a “normal” wallet, but is large enough to hold your travel documents. I’m going to start using this as my regular wallet and will add my Passport when I need it for travel. There are plenty of slots for your credit cards and identification. This wallet has a loop to hold a pen and could hold your checkbook as well. There’s a metal loop that could hold a strap for easy control. For men or women. Highly recommended.



Travel Wallet

This is a beautiful Travel Wallet – big enough to hold your Passport without curling the edges and large enough so that it’s easy to get in and out when you need to use it. The leather is soft, smooth, and has no weird odors. It’s such a lovely wallet that you can use it every day, carrying it in your back pocket, bag, or purse. There is RFID-blocking technology in both the Passport section and the slots for your credit cards and ID. At this reasonable price, you can purchase one for every family member. Perfect for men or women. Highly recommended.



Chernobyl 01:23:40

After the author, Andrew Leatherbarrow, did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit, I purchased Chernobyl 01:23:40 for my 22 year old son, who is very interested in the Cold War era and the Soviet Union. He found this book to be incredibly interesting and informative. So much so that he couldn’t put the book down. He said that the pictures were great. He highly recommends this book if you’re interested in Chernobyl and the Soviet Union.



Beardsmen Spirit Tea Tree Beard Oil

Here’s what my bearded friend, Josh, thinks about Beardsmen Spirit Tea Tree Beard Oil – This beard oil comes in a nice man-sized glass bottle because plastic bottles are for girls. They didn’t skimp on the quantity either giving you enough oil that Gandalf would let you pass. Upon opening this bottle the smell of the tea tree oil was very strong. When I put it in my hands I thought the smell was going to be off putting when applied. However, once I worked in this oil and got all of those unruly whiskers tamed I noticed the strength of the tea tree oil was just the right amount. I kept finding myself smelling my beard with constant enjoyment. The mixture of tea tree oil and peppermint oil made it seem that my beard had stashed away a York peppermint patty. I’m not typically a fan of scented oil, but this is something I wouldn’t mind using daily. With the size of this bottle, daily use won’t be an issue for the year. My hands felt moisturized even after washing them with soap, without leaving a greasy feeling behind.



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