Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener Review

Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener



 Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener Review


Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener (peppermint) & Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener (bubblegum) are handy breath fresheners that are small enough to carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack.  

On one end of the Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener, the tip allows the user to clean the gums, teeth, and tongue to brush away some of the bacteria that causes bad breath.  Right underneath the rubber tip is a breath mint with sugar-free xylitol.  

No water needed.  Simply unwrap, brush, and suck on the breath mint and your breath will be freshened.  The pink Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener is bubblegum flavored and the blue one is peppermint flavored.  

Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener is simple to use, discreet, and effective in the fight against bad breath.  By using it, you are fighting plaques and preventing cavities.  

The peppermint is not too strong that it overpowers your mouth and the bubblegum is great for your kids.  The peppermint Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener has a pick at the end to get to those hard-to-reach places, but the bubblegum one has a rounded end.  

Fresh-Tips Breath Freshener

You can try a 5-pack sample of Fresh-Tips Breath Fresheners for free by simply paying $4.95 for the shipping costs by going HERE.  



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