Fresh Comfort Seamless Zipper Bra Review + Giveaway

Fresh Comfort

Fresh Comfort

Fresh Comfort Seamless Zipper Bra


The Fresh Comfort Seamless Zipper Bra is seamless and has a zippered front closure.  Made without tags, Fresh Comfort’s bra contains Sorbtek® Nylon technology which allows perspiration and moisture to be wicked away from your skin.

The polyester lining is soft and is comfortable whether lying down or sitting up.  The straps are wide enough that they don’t dig into your shoulders.  Your Fresh Comfort bra comes with removable bra pads used to smooth out your look and keeps your nipples from being visible.

I am large-chested and the XL/XXL Fresh Comfort bra was too small for me, however I only discovered this after trying to put it on.  There is a snap that is used to hold the bra together while I zip it up.  What ended up happening is that I had to get my husband to help hold it together.  Even then we still had a difficult time zipping it.  Once I had the bra on, it wasn’t able to support me at all.

I gave the bra to my mother to try.  She is an average cup size.  She had the same difficult time getting the bra on, enlisting my dad to help her.  Once she had it on, she had no support for her.

I like the Fresh Comfort bra idea, but without a lot more support and larger cups, there is no way that I could even consider having one of my own.  It would be a great bra for sitting around the house when you don’t need much support.   

My mom suggested that the Fresh Comfort Seamless Zipper Bra would be good for someone who is has a B cup or smaller and didn’t require much support.  The bra comes in sizes XS/S, M/L, and XL/XXL and they have a size chart.  I would highly recommend using the chart to find your size.


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