Let Me Flash My Pretty Lashes at You


I used Latisse for 7 weeks.  These are the pictures from each week for you to see the growth in my lashes.  I posted pictures at week 4 and at week 6 as well.

Eyes 5.8.14

Eyes 5.15.14

I will admit that on vacation I missed a few days, but I didn’t see any difference or lash loss.

eyes 5.22.14

eyes 5.29.14

I didn’t notice any side effects and my blue peepers didn’t change colors.  The eye color change is a rare side effect that could happen if you put the Latisse IN your eye.

eyes 6.5.14

eyes 6.12.14

Latisse is applied on your eye lid at your upper lash line.  I did use some on my eyebrows because they were thin also.  This is not a recommended use for Latisse.  I’m just sayin’.

eyes 6.19.14

As you can see, I have beautiful lashes.  They are longer and darker than before I started using Latisse.

eyes 6.22.14 makeup

My insurance company won’t cover Latisse because it is cosmetic.  I priced it at our local pharmacies.  It would be about $170. for each bottle, which lasts about 8 weeks.  I could get it online through a Canadian pharmacy for about $135. a bottle.  So…I will not continue using Latisse, as much as I’d like to, because I can’t justify the cost.  I’m certainly hoping that I will continue to see these long lashes for a long time to come.

2013-12-01 19_47_42-SocialNetworks

I received this product from VocalPoint in exchange for an honest opinion.

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