Cotton Flannel Sheet Set


 Heavyweight 4-Piece Cotton Flannel Sheet Set


I had the opportunity to try Heavyweight 4-Piece Cotton Flannel Sheet Set.  Unfortunately for me, they were only available to me in queen-sized and we have a king-sized bed.  So, my son got to test the sheets.  One thing that people don’t know about my husband is that he likes flannel, so he was bummed that we couldn’t sleep on the sheets.

The flannel sheets come in 17 colors and in twin, full, queen, and king-sizes.  They are 100% cotton. I would recommend that you wash the sheets before you put them on the bed, because they do have a slight chemical smell when you open up the package. The smell definitely didn’t come from the packaging, because we didn’t smell it until we took the sheets out.

As my son and I were making his bed with the flannel sheets, I noticed that the sheets were fairly thin and not very heavyweight at all.  But, a lighter weight flannel is better in Florida, but they wouldn’t be that thick for a colder state.  There had some fuzz on them too.


Some of the advantages to these flannel sheets are:

  • Extra Deep Pockets
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 190 gram flannel weight
  • Breathable and Comfy


My son slept on the sheets and found them to be very comfortable.  He wasn’t too hot while he slept even in the 72° temperature.  He said that they we’re heavy or hot under his comforter. 

I guess then instead of these sheets being called heavyweight 4-piece cotton flannel sheet set, they really should be call  lightweight. I can’t recommend them for areas with very cold weather, but they would be a good purchase for areas that don’t get too cold; much like Florida, where we live. 


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