What I Learned From Facebook Ads

Deal Daisy Ad


Deal Daisy Ad

What I Learned From Facebook Ads


I’m just going to be honest and say that I hate Facebook ads!  I hate them so much that I have Adblock Plus on all of my computers and devices.  Very few sites are that cool that I want to see what Adblock Plus hides.  

That being said, Facebook ads that come in the form of sponsored posts can’t be blocked.  It was one of those sponsored posts that got my attention last week.  

Last August, I started purchasing Young Living Essential Oils.  Great stuff!  They are committed to providing quality essential oils that are “that are genuine, free of harmful synthetics, and of unmatched purity”.  They manage each essential oil from “seed to seal” and are able to guarantee the quality of their product.  No other essential oil company can say that.  No. Other. Company.

I like to find different ways to keep my essential oils with me and so the above Facebook ad from Deal Daisy, pictured above, caught my attention.  It comes in antique silver plated and antique bronze plated.  

Deal Daisy offers this essential oil diffuser pendant for FREE!  Yes, free!  

What was the catch?  I only had to pay for shipping.  $7.99.  No big deal.  Since I’m a fan of gold jewelry, I got the antique bronze plated one.  And I paid for it with my PayPal account.  I love that. They take all the credit cards, too.

It arrived in about a week.  Isn’t it pretty?!


Facebook Ads - Deal Daisy


The first essential oil I wore was a blend called Stress Away.  Drops of the oil are placed on one of the five enclosed colored felt circles that fit inside the pendant.  If I want to wear more than five scents, it’s easy to just get some more felt and make more discs for the pendant.  

When the pendant sits directly on my skin, my body heat warms it and it emits a pretty constant light scent.  

I’m not much for costume jewelry, but I love my new pendant necklace.  You should definitely take advantage of this deal before it ends.

So, what did I learn from Facebook ads?  Well, sometimes an ad is a good deal and is really something that I might like or benefit from.  

While I will still block Facebook ads, I’ll start taking a second look at the sponsored posts.  


I was not compensated for this post by Deal Daisy.  I just liked their product so much that I wanted to share it.  The Young Living link is an affiliate link.  

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4 thoughts on “What I Learned From Facebook Ads

  1. I did a similar thing with fb ads – found a pendant that I loved (it glows in the dark) but I’m still bombarded with stuff that it thinks I want that I’ve already bought or moved on from *sigh*

  2. What a lovely idea Sandy and a great gift idea as well. I could have done with Stress relief oil this week! I know what you mean about FB ads like everything, they are good at the beginning and then they just become a pain as you want to only see what you are interested in. Thanks for sharing at #overthemoon link up.

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