Grow Your Lashes With Embellash




Grow Your Lashes With EmbelLash

I don’t remember ever having great eyelashes until I tried Latisse.  Because of the expense, I wasn’t able to use more than just the initial bottle.  I was glad when I had the opportunity to try Protege EmbelLASH, growth enhancing lash and brow elixir.  

I originally tried to use this on my eyelashes, like the Latisse, but It burned by eyes the two nights that I used it, so I had to stop using it on my lids.  I was bummed, because I really would like to have nice lashes again, but my sensitive eyes just said, “no!”. 

However, EmbelLash can be used on the eyebrows as well, lucky for me!  Used on my eyebrows twice a day, every day and I anticipate seeing results in about 5 weeks.  

You can have longer lashes and thicker brows with one bottle of EmbelLash that lasts 4 full months.  

EmbelLash is cruelty-free and made with all-natural ingredients.  It’s completely guaranteed for up to 365 days after purchase.  


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2 thoughts on “Grow Your Lashes With Embellash

  1. Nice that this is for lashes and brows. Seems like my brows have thinned some as I have aged & I’ve never had lush lashes. Tried someone else’s Younique (?) fiber system & just applied to do a review. A friend of ours used Latisse and I couldn’t believe how much that worked for her. Her lashes actually went OVER her brows. She had to stop using it too because of the cost. (Is it really that expensive? Wow.) Down the road, I might have to try this Embellash, just for my brows!

    1. Latisse is really great, but it’s over $140 for a container of it that might last 6-8 weeks. It’s medication used to treat glaucoma. I loved using it and it didn’t burn my eyes like the EmbelLash does.

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