E-Plugz Premium Noise Reducing Ear plugs Review

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ear plugs

E-Plugz Premium Noise Reducing Earplugs


E-Plugz Premium Noise Reducing Ear plugs are advertised to reduce noise for such things as car races, concerts. sporting events, and shooting ranges.  They are also advertised to help reduce noise while traveling and to block out snoring.  However, I used them while was husband was napping and my son had the TV turned down very low and I could still hear the TV.  

My son was talking to me in a quiet voice and I could still hear him with the ear plugs firmly inserted in my ears.  We even carried on a conversation while I was wearing the ear plugs.  I can hear my fingers tapping on the keyboard as I type.  

The ear plugs are easy to insert.  Simply twist an ear plug so that it’s easily slipped into the ear canal.  It will go back to its original shape slowly and mostly fill your ear canal, but not very snuggly.  

Unfortunately, in my experience, E-Plugz don’t deliver as promised and will not block out the noise of snoring or other loud noises any more than slightly.  It’s my opinion, since I did not test them against industrial noises or loud music, that they would actually be more harmful in these situations because your ears wouldn’t be protected.

If I can hear the television at a whisper, then it’s my opinion that these are not going to be very good for use where very loud noises are going to be an issue.  I believe that they are only good for quieting the most basic of conversation should you need a little less noise to read or work, but that’s it.  


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