Dare To Be Bare Shave Cream Review + Giveaway

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I’m going to share my leg shaving secret for a great smooth, close shave.   The kind of shave that you love sliding against your sheets at night.

If you want the closest shave ever, don’t shave when you first get up in the morning.  Wait at least a couple of hours.  When you’re up and about, your body settles and the hair on your legs tend to extend out of your skin further.  Otherwise, you can use something like the Exfolimate to draw your hair out a little further, if you can’t wait to shave.  

Make sure that you’re using a good razor.  I’ve found that 2 blade razors tend to give a poorer shave and leave you with razor burn more times than not.  I just started using the Noxzema Spa Shave Four-Blade Disposable Shavers.  They give a great shave for a low price.

For a great shaving medium, use Dare To Be Bare Shave Cream for a smooth shave.  It’s petroleum-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and contains no animal products.  

Dare to be Bare Shave Cream softens your hair, conditions the skin, and protects it from razor burn and skin bumps.  Dare to be Bare also has a pleasant, but neutral scent, so it can be used by both women and men.  It leaves no scent behind on your skin.  

Just a pump or two of Dare to be Bare rubbed onto your legs and you’re ready to shave.  Using a firm (not hard), long, and even strokes, work you way up your leg.  Shave all the way around your legs, checking with your hand to make sure you didn’t miss a spot.  

Once you get to your knee, make sure it has some Dare to be Bare on it.  Step your foot onto the side of the tub so that your knee is bent.  This tightens the skin of your knee making it harder to cut yourself.  

After you finish shaving and showering, lightly dry off and slather yourself with a great body moisturizer.  You can use shea butter, emu oil, or some other type of cream.  I used a lotion that I put tea tree oil in to add a little antiseptic for any micro-cuts I might have received from the razor.  

If you do what I do when shaving your legs, you will have soft, silky smooth legs.  My husband loves how my legs feel after I shave.


You can win your very own 8 oz bottle of Earthly Body Dare to be Bare Shave Cream by entering the giveaway.  Just an FYI:  I do tend to have issues with the entry form.  Even if you think you didn’t enter, you probably did.  I have to use the entry form that my supplier gives me.  No matter what the date is on the entry form, this contest ends on 2/15/2015 at 6 PM (EST).  The winner will be contacted by Beauty Care Choices.  I am not responsible for fulfilling this contest.

Visit Earthly Body HERE.



I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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