Crest Pro-Health HD

Crest Pro-Health HD


 Crest Pro-Health HD


Our dentists tell us that we need to brush for two minutes at least twice daily. They give us songs to hum while we brush so that we reach that target amount of time and we still don’t brush long enough. With Crest Pro-Health HD, brushing one minute with each of the two steps ensures that you’re brushing for the full two minutes.

Just an aside…My dentist said that if you brush your teeth with two minutes, no matter the toothpaste, your teeth will be whiter.


Crest Pro-Health HD


I grew up brushing with Crest and didn’t have my first cavity until I was almost 40!  It was a little one, too.  I haven’t had one since.  Crest is what my son grew up using.  They make a quality product that’s been around for decades.  

I had few issues about Crest Pro-Health HD that made me not care for it. It leaves my mouth feeling very, very dry and the peppermint flavor is so strong and it burns the inside of my mouth while I’m brushing and after I’ve finished using it. It is quite a bit pricier than a tube of toothpaste with a cost of over $10 for the Crest Pro-Health HD system.

Much simpler than whitening trays and other whitening goop and cheaper than professional whitening procedures, if you are looking for an easy tooth whitening system, perhaps you should consider trying the Crest Pro-Health HD system.  Clean, white teeth are the number one beauty secret.  It’s easy.  It requires very little time.  And the cost is worth it.  


Crest Pro-Health HD     Crest Pro-Health HD     Crest Pro-Health HD

I received Crest Pro-Health HD for free from BzzAgent for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

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