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CollageIt Pro

CollageIt Pro


If you love to display your pictures in collages or are a blogger who uses collages to display items on your website, then you need to hear about CollageIt.  

A product of Pearl Mountain, CollageIt is a downloadable program that you can use to create many different collages just like the one above.  There is a free version of CollageIt available for download, however, for a one-time payment of $19.99, you can own CollageIt Pro, which is the program that I’m going to review.  It’s compatible with Windows 8, 7, 2000, XP, and Vista and it comes in a Mac version as well.  I have the program on my laptop with Windows 7.

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t review any of the directions before I started to use CollageIt Pro, but the less-than-2½ minute video is a great tutorial, so that you don’t have to learn by trial and error like me.  


CollageIt Pro
Yosemite National Park


There are 15 pre-made templates to choose from to start, but you can customize them in many ways.  You can chose to have your pictures framed or unframed with the frames in the color of your choice.  The width of the frames can be narrow or wide, but they all have to be the same width.  Your pictures can have a shadow or not.  There are 17 collage sizes or you can make your own size parameters and they can be either landscape or portrait.

You photos can have a lot a space between them or they can overlap.  There can be a narrow or wide margin on whatever size collage you want to have.  Choose these two items first, because if you have all your pictures set and then change these two settings, your pictures will be randomly moved around and you’ll need to edit them again.  Frustrating.

You can have a plain background or you can chose to use one of the 60 different backgrounds that come pre-loaded or you can upload your own background.  You can ever make gradient colors and change the opacity of the background.


CollageIt Pro


Whether your making a digital scrapbook, a greeting card, or a custom desktop wallpaper, CollageIt Pro makes designing them simple and beautiful.  


I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

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