Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer #Giveaway

Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer

Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer

Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer


I’ve only ever owned a analog cooking thermometer, so I jumped at the chance to review the Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer.  

After marinating the London broil, I put it on the grill.  I knew that it would take about 5 minutes on each side.  I timed the first side before checking the temperature with my Chef Remi Digital Thermometer.  It registered to about 111° F.  I then turned it to the uncooked side and let it continue cooking for another 2 minutes. 

After I removed the meat and put it on the plate, I was able to test the temperature again…117.5°F.  I brought it into the house, lightly covered it, and allowed it to come to temperature.  When I finally cut into the meat a few minutes later, the London broil was a lovely medium rare on the sides and rare in the center.  And it was delicious!  The meat was still juicy and flavorful. 


Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer


The Chef Remi instant-read digital cooking thermometer is easy to use.  A button allows you to choose Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Its temperature range is amazing from -58°F to 572ºF (-50ºC to 300°C).  It comes in its own protective case that keeps your Chef Remi thermometer ready to use and safe from being turned on accidentally. Its auto-shutdown feature turns off your thermometer after 10 minutes without use.

Your digital thermometer comes with a working battery, instructions and a 100% money-back lifetime guarantee.  The battery is easily replaced by removing the top of the thermometer. 

I’m very happy with my Chef Remi instant-read digital cooking thermometer and I’m so pleased to have such a great tool for use in my kitchen. 

You can get your own Chef Remi thermometer by clicking on the links in this post or you can enter to win your very own by completing the giveaway widget below.  Chef Remi will be fulfilling this giveaway.  Come back daily to retweet and comment for extra points. 



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