ChargerStick Portable Cell Phone Charger



 ChargerStick Portable Cell Phone Charger


I have never had a charger for my phone and there are times that I simply need one because plugging into the wall outlet or a computer wasn’t possible.  ChargerStick  charged my half-charged phone in about 1½ hours without an issue.  My phone was charged from 67% to 100% in probably less an hour.

The ChargerStick is super easy to charge with your phone charger when you plug it into any USB charger that plugs into an electric outlet or with the USB plugged into your computer. It has a light to show when the ChargerStick is fully charged and it charges quickly when you charge it with its charging cord.

The ChargerStick is a great accessory for mom on the go between checking email in the pick-up circle at school and checking Facebook at the soccer field, your phone won’t ever run out of juice.  

Hardly bigger than a tube of lipstick, the ChargerStick fits in a shirt or pants pocket, purse, or backpack.  It only weights 2½ oz.  Your purchase includes 2600mAh ChargerStick Lithium-ion external battery, 1 micro USB cable, and an instruction manual all packaged in its very own travel pouch for carrying convenience.

The charger is perfect for charging your iPhone and Android devices.  They are inexpensive enough so that you can have one for every member of your family so there is never an excuse about an uncharged phone again.  

I highly recommend buying a ChargerStick.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  ChargerStick comes with a 12-month hassle-free replacement guarantee.



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