URGE Basics Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds

URGE Basics Bluetooth Earbuds

 URGE Basics Bluetooth Earbuds


If you’re in the market for an affordable Bluetooth headset to use to talk on the phone or to listen to music then you should consider getting the URGE Basics Bluetooth Earbuds.  Not only do they come in six colors, but they work with any Bluetooth device.

I don’t like traditional ear buds as they make my ears sweat and really bother them.  No so with the URGE Bluetooth Earbuds.  It comes with two pairs of extra eartips, both large and medium sized.  

URGE Basics Bluetooth Earbuds are lightweight and have a flat cord so that it doesn’t get tangled. They won’t get in your way when you workout or wear them running.  Great sound even when wearing only one earbud when driving.  The earbuds are made with ambient noise reduction technology to minimize outside noise, which allow for rich, crystal-clear sound and bass.

The quick-start guide allows you to use your Bluetooth earbuds right out of the box.  The instructions are simple and answer all your user questions.  The three buttons (volume up, volume down, and a multimedia button are all you need to listen to music and to talk to your friends.

The built-in rechargeable battery allows for five hours of talk time and four and a half hours of continuous playtime and recharges with its own USB charging cable in as little as two hours.  It has a stand-by time of about 150 hours and a range of about 30 feet.  All these items come in their very own carrying pouch.  

My Samsung Galaxy S4 paired with it without a problem.  While I don’t listen to my music on my phone, I was able to use it to talk on.  Just a warning – don’t turn on your hand’s-free setting when you pair with your Bluetooth earbuds, because you won’t be able to hearing the person calling you and they won’t be able to hear you.


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  1. This caught my eye because I have the same problems as you when it comes to traditional earphones. Right now, I’m using bluetooth earphones that I got as a gift. They were kind of expensive & after just a couple months, they are starting to glitch. I’ll be looking at these when it’s time to replace. Thanks for the review. Good stuff.

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