Better Tweez Eyebrow Tweezers

Better Tweez Eyebrow Tweezers

Better Tweez Eyebrow Tweezers

 Better Tweez Eyebrow Tweezers


Are you looking for a good, sharp pair of tweezers?   The Better Tweez Eyebrow Tweezers are stainless steel, hand-filed, slant-tip tweezers that are perfect for your makeup arsenal or your first aid kit. 

They are perfect for removing hair from chin, nose, ears, and bikini line as well as ingrown hairs and fine, hard-to-see hair.  Not only that, but they can remove splinters and stingers from someone who’s been injured.  Tweezers are great for crafting and hobbies such as model-making and jewelry making. 

Just because these tweezers have a hot pink enamel finish doesn’t mean that they are for women only.  Men can benefit from well-groomed brows as well. The precisely aligned slanted tips grab each hair snugly so that it doesn’t break off when trying to pluck it.

Your Better Tweez Eyebrow Tweezers come in a sealed plastic tube, which makes a handy carrying case.  This allows your tweezers to remain sharp and sanitary. Keeping them in the tube makes it easier to carry them around for emergencies in your first aid or makeup kit. Not only will they be easier to find, but you won’t stab your fingers or hand when reaching in to search for them.

These professional quality tweezers will never need to be sharpened and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Better Tweez will either refund or replace your tweezers should you ever have a problem with them. 

Check out my video review below of Better Tweez Eyebrow Tweezers on YouTube.



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