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Do you have problems sleeping?  Falling asleep?  Staying asleep?  Do the slightest noise wake you?  Does the slightest light prevent you from a good night’s sleep?  I have the answer to your bedtime problems:  Best Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs Combo from Bedtime Bliss.

The Sleep Mask is contoured to allow the wearer to actually blink your eyes and give your eyes free movement in REM sleep.  The is an elastic strap has velcro so that the mask can easily be adjusted for maximum comfort.  My bedroom is illuminated by the lights from our parking lot and I couldn’t see anything with the sleep mask on.

The Ear Plugs are reusable Pura-Fit ear plugs, which are tapered so they are easier to insert in any size ear canal and they keep the sound out without falling out of your ears.  They’re comfortable because they’re soft and squishy.

Both the sleep mask and ear plugs have their own pouch for safe-keeping.  Keep the Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs on your bedside table or carry them while you travel.  You won’t be sorry with your purchase.  

And, as a bonus, you get a free 27-page eBook on How to Sleep Better with steps to help you sleep better as well as ways to set your sleeping area up to be more conducive to sleep.  There are tips on diet, exercise, bedtime routines, and supplements to improve your ability to sleep.

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?
Here’s The Secret to a Better Sleep from Bedtime Bliss

Have you ever purchased a sleep mask that’s poor quality, lets the light in, is uncomfortable and worst of all, breaks after a few uses? Do you struggle to sleep at night because the street lamps are too bright? Does your husband watch T.V late into the night or does your wife like to read in bed into the small hours?

Problem Solved!

With the Bedtime Bliss mask, you can block out the light and get to sleep quickly. There’s no skimping on quality and no discomfort or your money back, GUARANTEED!

Get the Best with Bedtime Bliss

The contoured design of our sleep mask means that it’s much more comfortable than the traditional style masks. It blocks out the light while still giving you the freedom to open your eyes and allowing REM sleep. It’s the perfect solution to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

The Benefits of the Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask

-Contoured design allows for complete eye movement

-Ideal for men, women and children

-Won’t smudge makeup

-Adjustable straps to fit all head sizes & won’t put pressure on your eyes

-Won’t interfere with REM sleep

-Perfect for shift workers or a nap during the day

-Easily fits into your bag

-Lightweight and easily washable

-Oeko-Tex certified

-Includes Free Earplugs & Carry Case

-Backed by a RISK FREE, 90 day ‘Blissful Sleep’ Satisfaction Guarantee.

We want you to be happy, so when you purchase our sleep mask, not only will you get FREE earplugs and carry case, but you will also receive an eBook completely FREE that is packed with natural sleep tips to ensure you get a great sleep.

What are you waiting for, make the right choice with Bedtime Bliss.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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