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I signed up on a bunch of sites so that I could get product and book review opportunities.  I’ve been contacted a few times in the last couple of weeks.  One of the opportunities I received was to receive a box.  BB5 describes itself:

Beauty Box 5 is a subscription-based, beauty sampling program that delivers a box filled with 5 cosmetic samples to your door every month. Aimed at introducing women to new cosmetic products and educating them on best practices, Beauty Box 5 scours the market to find the best products for your lifestyle.
Cost is $12 per month or $30 per quarter (saving $6) or $99 per year (saving $45).


I received 5 products:

  1. Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother ($4.99)
  2. NYX Cosmetics Love in Rio Eyeshadow Palette ($6.00)
  3. 2 fl. oz. Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion ($8.99 for 16.9 fl. oz.)
  4. 0.5 oz. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer ($6.99 for 3 oz.)
  5. 10 ml. Ofra Cosmetics Sultry Lipgloss Plumper ($12.95 for 0.34 oz)


The Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother is two-sided.  One side is rougher than the other.  I have used similar products and this one is easy to hold in your hand because of the shape.  It does keep my feet looking much better in between monthly pedicures.  However, be careful that you don’t use the rough side on the sensitive side of your feet because it will scratch the tender skin and not feel very good.


This morning I tried the NYX Cosmetics Love in Rio Eyeshadow Palette in a combination called Sway with Lola.  As you can see in the picture above, there’s a pink, brown, and blue eyeshadow.  The blue eyeshadow was BLUE!  It was a very bold color.  I have other palettes similar to this and I don’t have a problem making these colors work together.  I couldn’t mute the blue at all.  The brown was almost invisible as was the pink.  I might keep this palette to use the pink and brown, but I don’t care for this combination in this particular palette.  See the final product below.  I washed it off of both eyes and wore something completely different.  I wouldn’t buy this palette and use these colors together.


The next product is Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion in Sugar Cane.  It smells like cake frosting when you put it on, but the scent lightens after it’s rubbed in all of the way.  I like this stuff!  It keeps my dry skin moisturized without making it oily.  The $8.99 price tag is a little more than I like to spend for a lotion.

I tried the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer on Saturday morning as I was getting ready to leave the house for breakfast sans makeup.  I decided that I like this oil-free product, but that I can’t use it on my T-zone, which is very oily.  It only made the oily parts of my face worse.  I would have to use this product for more than a couple of weeks to see if it broke my skin out.  I like the product that I use which is more for aging skin, so I probably wouldn’t change.


The final product is the Ofra Cosmetics Sultry Lipgloss Plumper.  I really liked the color that they sent and I’ve used it every day since I got it.  The only downfall of this product is the price tag.  $12.95 is much more than I would pay for a lip product that has to be reapplied.  But, I might just pay the price for it.  When you first try this  plumper, it makes your lips tingly and prickly and feel really weird.  My theory is that it irritates your lips to make them swell (plump).  I’m not sure if that’s correct, but it sounds good.  Anyway, I like it and I would definitely use it again.  On a side note, a friend said that she liked Ofra Cosmetics BB cream.  Something to think about.


My personal opinion of the program is that it’s not for me, however, for $12 per month or $30 per quarter (saving $6) or $99 per year (saving $45), this could be a good deal for someone who’s really into makeup, but is afraid to try new things on their own.  I’m personally not opposed to buying eyeshadow (my personal weakness) at the dollar store provided I recognize the brand.  But I did find some new products that I liked in receiving this box.

I received this product for free from I am not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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