Beautiful Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Beautiful Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Beautiful Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Beautiful Bamboo Drawer Organizer


This beautiful 6 slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer is a fabulous way for you to organize your kitchen, bathroom, junk, office, or pantry.   Not only is it stylish, but each compartment is large enough to hold pretty much anything you need to organize.


6-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer
(L) my old ugly utensil organizer, (R) my new pretty bamboo drawer organizer



This well-made utensil organizer has high sides so that you won’t loss utensils off the sides.  I have eight utensils of each kind, so you can see that the bamboo drawer organizer would easily hold 16 or more of each utensil.  Frankly, it would probably hold 32 of each, if you stacked them neatly.  

The drawers in my kitchen are too narrow for drawer organizers, so I have to keep mine utensils in the pantry.  This bamboo drawer organizer not only keeps my utensils neat, but it keeps my pantry organized as well.  And, if you don’t have enough room for a 6-slot organizer, they offer a 5-slot organizer as well.  

This bamboo drawer organizer is a great addition to your children’s play room.  Think of all of the crayons, markers, or colored pencils this could hold.  It would be hold a lot of hair accessories, makeup supplies, desk accessories, game pieces, card game supplies, or junk drawer stuff.  

If you have things to be organized, then this bamboo drawer organizer is exactly what you need.  Not only will your items be organized, but they will be surrounded by beautiful bamboo.  



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