The Next Skincare Breakthrough – Baiden Mitten

Baiden Mitten - Skincare Breakthrough

Baiden Mitten - Skincare Breakthrough

Is the Baiden Mitten the Next Skincare Breakthrough?


If you’ve been reading Sandy’s P.O.V. for any length of time, you’ll get the idea that I like cosmetics and beauty items.  I’ve reviewed tons of them.  So when I had the opportunity to test The Baiden Mitten, I took it.  What’s the Baiden Mitten?

The story on the package is the this is a beauty secret from the Ottoman Empire, or what we now call the country of Turkey, in their communal baths where they have cleansing rituals.  “The Baiden Mitten, a ‘Course Woven Cloth’, that left their skin “as Smooth as the Finest Silk”, was developed for the most powerful Ladies of Sultan Osman’s Harem.”

Sold on many websites, it’s available for around $48.97 for in a package deal with other items for $97.00.  The site copy is the same on all of the sites that I looked at.  They all claim that the Baiden Mitten is made from a tree fiber which is woven in a way to resemble the texture of skin.  It is supposed to be good for up to two years use.

I did not find that it did what it claimed to do, which is to exfoliate my dry skin.  I found the consistency of the Baiden Mitten to be not too rough, which, in my humble opinion, can’t exfoliate well.  

Here’s how I handle exfoliation.  I bought an 18-pack of rough white washcloths at Walmart.  They are rough enough to exfoliate my face as well as my body.  I spent $3.47 for them.  If they get worn out, I don’t feel guilty about throwing them away and buying new ones.  

I rarely mention cost, but I want you to know that your purchase goes to support Turkish workers at a better than average wage with benefits.  Plus, you get a 60-day money back guarantee should you not be happy with your purchase.  

My skin looks so good freshly cleaned that I got carded a couple of weeks ago!  I’m 47 years old and I. DIDN’T. GET. CARDED!!!  Yeah, they’re that good.  My skin is healthy, shiny, and looks better than it’s looked in years.

So, if you are into trendy things, then go ahead and get the Baiden Mitten, but I don’t believe it delivers what it says it can do.  



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