Azio EXO1 Gaming Mouse

Azio Gaming Mouse

Azio Gaming MouseAzio EXO1 Gaming Mouse


While I’m not a huge gamer, I like my technology running quickly and smoothly.  The Azio EXO1 Gaming Mouse does just that. It satisfies the needs of the diehard gamer while allowing PC users to have a quality mouse. 

It’s ergonomically designed to make using it over a long period of time easier on your hand.  Its back-lit white light is not only attractive, but it makes finding the wheel and the mouse itself easy to find in low light. 

It comes with an extra-long USB-connected 6 foot nylon braided cord, so that you have freedom of movement to play and computer.  The nylon allows the cord to move smoothly and not get snagged on the tabletop or the computer. 


Some of the features of the Azio Gaming Mouse are:

  • Adjustable 1250, 2000, 2750, or 3500 DPI
  • 6 Buttons including mouse wheel (left mouse button, right mouse button, scroll wheel, side buttons for forward and back, and the DPI sensitivity adjustment button)
  • Optical sensor
  • Vacuum-plated rubber grips
  • Ergonomic design for right-handed use


I love this mouse, even if it is wired, but I only have one complaint.  My thumb keeps hitting the buttons on the side – the back and forward buttons.  So, if I’m on a website where I’m entering information and I hit one of those buttons, I lose everything. 

After emailing Azio about driver software so that I could reprogram the buttons, I was advised that the buttons aren’t able to be reprogrammed at this time, although they are working on a reprogrammable mouse.  I found Azio’s help desk very helpful and very polite. 

All-in-all, the Azio Gaming Mouse is a good investment.  I think that having a little more information about the buttons and what the colors of the DPI indicators mean would be helpful so that I didn’t have to experiment and guess.  I recommend it for gamers and for everyday users.     


I’m a product review blogger and I received this product from Giveaway Service in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.  Reference ID: pmc50b8d55acad50abed2b155f67fc56b3

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  1. Hi sandy, my husband owned an internet café and had many gamers as customers. I know how important the right mouse is so thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes

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