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I was really excited to review the Fine Mesh Strainer because I had just been in the store looking to purchase one a few days before.  So, when this product became available to review, I jumped on it.  

What I received in the mail was a cheap, rusted, discolored mess.




I hadn’t even had a chance to use the strainer yet.  One whole section looked like that:  rusted, discolored, and pitted.




When I flipped it over, it was rusted as well.




In the actual strainer has flecks of what appear to be metal in it.  Certainly not something that I would use with my food.  




Look at the joint.  I’m thinking that when water gets in there, it’s going to be damp and just continue to rust.  

I can’t recommend this product at all.  There’s no way that a flimsy, rusting strainer would touch my food.  Had I seen this product in the store, I wouldn’t have purchased it.

 1/13/25 UPDATE

I received an email from the seller today:

Dear Ms. Sandmeyer,
I am Annie French, the co-founder of Wholeness Home. I was very distressed to see the photos you published in your review and I apologize that you were sent a defective item. We have contacted the supplier and I can assure you our oversight of their quality control will be extended. This is unacceptable to us and not representative of our values and our commitment to excellence. We are not satisfied until our customers are 100% satisfied. I only wish you had contacted us when you learned of the defect and we would have refunded your purchase (shipping) price sooner and sent a replacement that you could have reviewed.  Please accept our sincere apologies for the damaged item. A new item is on its way. If you choose to amend the review based on the new item we would be most grateful. Again, we do apologize for the defective item and your feedback is very valuable to us.  I answer all my own email and can be reached at [e-mail address removed].

I was shocked to receive another strainer in the mail today after receiving a refund from the first strainer.  Here are the pictures of what I found on this one.  Rust, on the left picture, and dents and wires, on the right picture.  I stand by my original post…Don’t buy this product!



I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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